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Proposition 1 would increase the homestead exemption from $15,000 to $25,000 and permanently ban real estate transfer taxes in Texas. That means real savings for you. Check below to see how you can get involved and spread the word. See how you can do your part today!



You can make a difference with your friends and family. Every little bit helps. Take these steps to get involved and start spreading the word.

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Texans can actually vote to LOWER taxes Nov. 3. Visit for more info #TxProp1 pol. ad.

Planning to sell your home? #TxProp1 should be on your radar. Visit for more info #StayTaxFree pol. ad.

Planning to buy a home? #TxProp1 should be on your radar. Visit for more info #StayTaxFree pol. ad.

You don’t pay a real estate transfer tax in Texas. #TxProp1 will keep it that way. Visit for more info. #StayTaxFree pol. ad.

Ban real estate tax/And raise homestead exemption/Keep loving Texas. #Prop1Haiku #TxProp1 … more info at

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Pushing this button will save you thousands on your home. More info at #TxProp1 pol. ad.

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Step 1: Follow the signs. Step 2: Vote for Prop 1. #TxProp1 pol. ad.

Voting For #TxProp1 is the first step to saving thousands on your home. Check your registration status here

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  1. FACT: This November, you can vote to reduce your own property taxes. Curious? Visit for more information.
  2. Proposition 1 on this November’s ballot will lower your property taxes now and ensure your home sale isn’t taxed later. Make sure you’re registered to vote
  3. Proposition 1 on this year’s ballot will lower property taxes. Learn more at
  4. Proposition 1 will keep homeownership affordable for seniors and disabled Texans. Learn more at


Download and print these flyers for your office and/or business


Prop 1 Increases Your Homestead Exemption By $10,000 & Provides Tax Relief

By increasing the homestead exemption from $15,000 to $25,000, Prop 1 allows you to save more on your property taxes!


Prop 1 Helps Seniors & People With Disabilities By Reducing Their Tax Load

Prop 1 also ensures seniors and disabled Texans get the full benefit of this much-needed tax relief.


Prop 1 Bans The Home-Sale Tax In Texas Permanently

Home-Sale Taxes, or Real Estate Transfer Taxes, are burdensome and a form of double taxation – Prop 1 will ban them from Texas permanently!